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What happens when my baby gets adjusted?

Infant chiropractic care is easy, pain-free, and completely safe. 

Could chiropractic care be good for your relationship?

Let me propose this idea to you:  Couples who get adjusted together feel better together. I have a growing number of patients who, after seeing how much better they feel after getting regular adjustments, convince their spouse to come in. These couples (and even sometimes the kids become patients!) report back to me that they discover they are nicer to each other and their relationship improves simply because chiropractic care helps them feel better. 

How good sleep hygiene affects your spine

If you’re sleeping in a less than ideal position or using the wrong pillow, it will have a negative effect on your spine. Any kind of strain on your back or neck leads to pain, inflammation, and your body generally not performing at its best. Maintaining top spine performance with consistent chiropractic care is most effective if you are following good habits at home! 

Healthy winter recipes to keep you warm

During the winter I want to come home to a hot and ready meal. I use my slow cooker a lot and I got an Instant Pot for Christmas that I can't wait to use! In addition to providing gentle chiropractic treatment, I also help clients better understand the nutrition their body needs for optimal performance. This includes both food and supplements.  I also love to eat! I chose to share some of these recipes for meals that will fill you up and make you feel all warm and cuddly. Of course, they are on the healthier side! 

Introducing Rosemary Delp

Rosemary Delp is a senior at the University of Arkansas and is studying Public Health on the Pre-Chiropractic track. She helps me with various office tasks and is always willing to help with what I need her to do. We interviewed her about her job at Nurture Chiropractic and how working with me works into her future plans.

Why I'm an advocate for The Cloth Option

I had never heard of the cloth option until a close friend of mine asked if I would be willing to be a donation site. She is an advocate for them, and she is the one who picks up the donations and gets them ready to be delivered to families in need. She is the one who cleans and makes any repairs if they are needed. Once I learned more about the organization, I couldn't wait to set up the donation drop off. I love caring for families and while not all families can afford chiropractic care, I wanted to provide some value to families in need. I think this is the perfect way to do that!

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