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I went to see Jasmine during pregnancy in order to prepare for a natural birth. She was extremely clear when explaining what was happening with my body and what we needed to do to prep for childbirth. I felt extremely comfortable with her, confident in her knowledge and ability. I truly think she helped me have an easy pregnancy and prepared me for birth! Can’t recommend her enough!

Jami Reed

I didn’t know going to a doctor could be such an enjoyable experience until I booked with Jasmine. Her adjustments improved my daily life drastically and she’s so caring with her patients, too. I felt improvement in my back pain after the first visit, so much so that I got my husband to start going with me too! It’s been a much-needed addition to our routine. Don’t wait as long as I did - book with Jasmine. As she told my husband, “you don’t have to live in pain.”

Emily Useche

We decided after many weeks of nonstop crying that our 6 week old needed to see a chiropractor. I looked up many places and saw that Dr. Jasmine had amazing reviews. She was so kind and was so gentle with our little guy! We noticed a complete difference the same day after our appointment and a few days later people around us started noticing how calm he was. It was the best decision we have made and we couldn’t have decided on a better doctor to help us! Highly recommend

Bethanie Gonzales

I cannot say enough good things. Off all my pain meds and my adjustments help ease my autoimmune side effects. Dr. Jasmine's gentle yet fierce spirit is just what I need most days I go to her office. Highly recommended.

Jamie Smith

I was 33 weeks pregnant when I began my chiropractic care with Dr. Jasmine & I immediately wished I would have started earlier in my pregnancy. I had spent a couple weeks losing sleep with hip pain and after just one week I felt relief after adjustments. I continued to see her biweekly for the duration of my pregnancy & it was a game changer! SO much more energy and less lower back and hip pain. Highly Dr. Jasmine for prenatal care!!

plus she is such a kind human with a very warming, caring presence at each and every apt.

Shyanne Montee

Dr. Jasmine is the best! She is so patient and knowledgeable about what she is going to do on my body. She would explain the reason why she does the adjustment. After several times of adjustment, my neck pain is so relieved! Highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor!

Linyan Luo

Absolutely wonderful! Dr. Thompson has such positive energy and she truly listens to her patients. I was in wrenching pain with each breath. She really listened to what I was experiencing and her first few treatments left me feeling so much better without adding additional pain along the way. With Dr. Thompson's help was back to my old self (actually even better) within a few weeks. I also liked that she took care of my primary issue while gently leading me to a personal plan for long-term improvement. Visits to her office are efficient and friendly and I can't recommend her highly enough.

M A.

Dr. Thompson has the best, softest hands in Chiropractic. Her adjustments are extremely gentle yet super effective. I would bring my baby to her in a heart beat! Thanks for all your great work Dr. Thompson! #magichands

Kat B.

The greatest benefit so far is the awareness of when I’ve moved in the wrong position. I am now very sensitive to posture. Dr. Jasmine is very professional and my wife and myself love this office.


Dr. Jasmine came highly recommended and it’s easy to see why! I’m 30 weeks pregnant now and that comes with some aches and added stress on the body- for me sore ribs and some hip pain. Dr. Jasmine addressed all my concerns and showed me helpful stretches that do between appointments. Not only am I getting relief from my current discomforts but I am really glad to know that my pelvis and spine will be in optimal alignment for the birth of my baby. You really want your pelvis to be in good shape for that! I really wish every pregnant woman could have access to good chiropractic care, it really makes a difference. I sleep a lot better without feeling sore.

Bekah Haught

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