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What to expect from your chiropractic appointment 

As we start a new year, I wanted to share with you a little bit about how new appointments work at Nurture Chiropractic. For those who are an existing patient, some of this information might be new to you so it will make a good refresher! 

How Jasmine differs from other chiros on social media

I often have new patients come in who are clearly a little bit nervous and I discover that the only exposure they’ve had to chiropractic care is what they may have seen on talk shows or social media. They quickly are relieved to learn that my techniques and attitude around chiropractic care are far different than what they expect.  I wanted to share a few common misconceptions people have about chiropractic care based largely on what they see on social media. Let’s also talk about what you will find at Nurture Chiropractic instead! 

Have you considered using essential oils for this? 

You may have noticed that I use Revive essential oils in my office. Most people know that they are great for focus, stress, and some physical ailments. Combined with consistent chiropractic care, essential oils can be an amazing part of keeping your body and mind working to its best potential!  But, as my headline suggests, there might be a few things you can use essential oils for that you may not have considered. 

How’s your work posture?

Imagine how it could help you feel better and work better if you did something simple as sit properly while you work! Besides chiropractic care, that is the easiest and one of the most effective things you can do to protect your spine and feel well. 

Lots of changes to the Nurture Chiropractic office

It’s now been about a year since moving to my new office on Sunbridge and I’ve loved this location! If you've been in the office recently you have probably noticed we have made a few changes.  The changes have meant that the entire office space has been rearranged and you’ve probably even noticed more pregnant patients or women with new babies coming in. Don't be alarmed, we are still caring for the whole family in our little office! 

3 Recommended Supplements to Improve Your Health

Supplements are a perfect way to help supplement our diets with the nutrients our bodies need. Let's talk about the three essential supplements that I believe everybody needs as a base. 

Welcome Cassi Mason to Nurture Chiropractic!

I have amazing news to share about the Nurture Chiropractic family! Cassi Mason is joining us in August as a midwife! While I work with many types of clients including families and students, I specialize in prenatal, postnatal, and infant chiropractic care. So it only makes sense to partner with another provider who serves that population! Cassi’s office is where the waiting area used to be and current patients have probably already noticed that Flannery’s receptionist desk is pushed back.

Belly Bands help ease pain and strain during pregnancy

I highly recommend regular chiropractic care for my pregnant patients and suggest using a belly band to make the pregnancy more comfortable as it progresses.

Summer is all about the fruit!

In addition to making sure you get quality hydration, enough sleep, and regular adjustments, eating healthy is important to reach your fullest potential in whatever you do. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and, most of all, delicious! 

Feeling yuck post mask? Here’s some tips

While there are environmental reasons for a tougher than usual allergy season, a part of what people are experiencing is because we are all emerging from being inside most of the time and whenever we’ve been around people for the last year and more, we’ve been wearing masks.  This had made our natural immunity weaken and our susceptibility to contagions more intense. Here are some tips for managing your symptoms the natural way.

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