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School’s out! Keep your kids fit this summer

Now that schools are out all over Northwest Arkansas and summer activities are starting, it’s important to not let healthy habits go on vacation, too! 

Enjoying getting back out? Here are some tips to stay safe

Between a frigid winter and a year of social distancing requiring many events and activities to be canceled, many people have not been able to get out and enjoy many of their normal activities. It’s warming up and events are coming back so it’s only natural that you’re wanting to get back out to being active again.  I’m so glad! But it’s important to keep in mind a few safety precautions to make sure you don’t leap back into activity too quickly. 

Introducing Flannery Quinn

I’m so excited to introduce you to Flannery Quinn, who started a couple of weeks ago. You will see her mostly in the mornings as she checks people in, prepares new patient paperwork, answers the phones, schedules patients, and helps me with other duties as they come up!  I wanted to give Flannery a chance to tell you about herself in her own words so here are her responses to the interview questions

The benefits of going for a walk

Walking may not be high impact, but it's still high-quality exercise. Here are the benefits of going for a walk.

Why post-partum moms need to prioritize chiropractic care

It would be easy to put off getting chiropractic care after having a baby, but I can’t urge you enough to make sure to make your own self-care a top priority. Here are a few reasons why

How chiropractic can help with fibromyalgia

Do you live with the frustrating and painful disorder fibromyalgia? It’s an illness that causes a lot of pain and emotional strain on everyone who lives with it. There is no cure but I’m sure you’ve researched many different remedies to manage the symptoms.  Today, I want to share how chiropractic care can make a difference in your fight against fibro. 

What happens when my baby gets adjusted?

Infant chiropractic care is easy, pain-free, and completely safe. 

Could chiropractic care be good for your relationship?

Let me propose this idea to you:  Couples who get adjusted together feel better together. I have a growing number of patients who, after seeing how much better they feel after getting regular adjustments, convince their spouse to come in. These couples (and even sometimes the kids become patients!) report back to me that they discover they are nicer to each other and their relationship improves simply because chiropractic care helps them feel better. 

How good sleep hygiene affects your spine

If you’re sleeping in a less than ideal position or using the wrong pillow, it will have a negative effect on your spine. Any kind of strain on your back or neck leads to pain, inflammation, and your body generally not performing at its best. Maintaining top spine performance with consistent chiropractic care is most effective if you are following good habits at home! 

Healthy winter recipes to keep you warm

During the winter I want to come home to a hot and ready meal. I use my slow cooker a lot and I got an Instant Pot for Christmas that I can't wait to use! In addition to providing gentle chiropractic treatment, I also help clients better understand the nutrition their body needs for optimal performance. This includes both food and supplements.  I also love to eat! I chose to share some of these recipes for meals that will fill you up and make you feel all warm and cuddly. Of course, they are on the healthier side! 

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