How Jasmine differs from other chiros on social media

How Jasmine differs from other chiros on social media

How Jasmine differs from other chiros on social media

I often have new patients come in who are clearly a little bit nervous and I discover that the only exposure they’ve had to chiropractic care is what they may have seen on talk shows or social media. They quickly are relieved to learn that my techniques and attitude around chiropractic care are far different than what they expect. 


I wanted to share a few common misconceptions people have about chiropractic care based largely on what they see on social media. Let’s also talk about what you will find at Nurture Chiropractic instead! 


No loud, painful cracking

When you watch videos of people being adjusted on Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube etc., you often hear a really loud crack (or two!). While yes, you might hear slight cracking sounds during your own adjustment, it’s never so loud and hard that it can be heard on a videotape. People see that and assume that the adjustment will produce that loud of a crack, which sounds painful! 


If you notice, many of those videotaped adjustments have microphones on the chiropractor’s wrist or on the patient’s lapel. That is why the cracking sound is so loud! 


My approach is much more gentle and I blend hand manipulation and using instruments as necessary to make sure that your adjustment is not painful. 


No violent contortions 

Another common thing I see on social media that just isn’t true is how chiropractors often have to become contortionists or they bend the client into odd and painful positions for treatment. They also will do an adjustment without warning, often surprising the patient. I do try to get good angles and will move the patient’s body to some degree, but I let you know each step as I go and what you might experience. There is not a “game of Twister” to be worried about! Each step is informed and done in a way that keeps everyone safe. 


No intense treatment schedule 

Some chiropractors insist on an intense treatment schedule with three or more visits each week. I know that’s not practical and not necessary in most cases. Despite what you might see on TV or social media, we will build a treatment schedule that fits your specific needs.


It has been my goal throughout my practice to “nurture the soul while correcting the spine.” That means helping each patient be comfortable with their care and to help them find healing. Do you live in or near Fayetteville, Arkansas? I would love to be a part of your overall health and self-care plan.


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