Reflecting on four years of Nurture Chiropractic

Reflecting on four years of Nurture Chiropractic

Reflecting on four years of Nurture Chiropractic

It’s hard to believe as I sit here writing this that it’s been four years since I started Nurture Chiropractic Company. As I look back and where I started, where I am now in my business, and where my dreams are taking me and this company, I’m so incredibly grateful. 

I’m grateful for every single patient who has trusted me to help take care of their bodies. In the last few months especially, the support has been more than I could have imagined as I went through major surgery and then more recently when my mom died. My patients have still been here and trusting me to be their chiropractor. 

Like any business, Nurture Chiropractic has changed and evolved since it began four years ago. I spent the first two years sharing space with Dr. Nolan Reddell while I “got my feet wet” in the business. Sharing that space gave me the opportunity to grow my client base with very little overhead costs. 

Two years ago, when I moved into my own space, it was so exciting! I felt like I could put my own personality and own touches into it. My patients have told me they enjoy the natural light and welcoming decor. I love that because my goal was to have less of a medical feeling and more of a super homey and comfortable feeling. 

I’ve also added staff who help me with administrative and some marketing work. This frees me up to be able to focus on the patients. Bringing employees on really has changed the dynamics in my business and lets me better focus on the patient I have in front of me and how I can best care for them. I’m grateful for Flannery and how good she is with my patients! 

Having my own practice in my own office helped me become stronger in speaking up about my beliefs and developing my own ways of doing things. When I first started, I knew I wanted to help people feel better and, as my tagline says, nurture their souls by correcting their spines. But beyond that, I didn’t have a clear vision for my practice. 

Over the last four years, that has changed and I’ve discovered that I have a special love for working with pre and post-natal moms and their babies. I still love working with the whole family, but this niche is close to my heart. It’s this niche focus that leads me into an exciting future. Starting in May, Nurture Chiropractic will be in a new location, just down the street from where I am currently. The address will be 82 W. Sunbridge and it will be such a better space for me and my patients. The flow will be easier and there’s even more natural light. Patients will be able to check in directly and wait in an area that will feel like they are right at home in their living room. 

One of the best things about the new space is that it will allow Nurture Chiropractic to grow into a multi-disciplinary practice. I already share space with Cassi Mason, who is a midwife. She is moving with me and we are hoping to have other professionals who need space and serve pregnant women and their babies. This includes anything from a massage therapist to an acupuncturist. 

I wanted to close by saying “thank you” to everyone who has been part of this wonderful journey and to those who will be a part of the journey that is ahead. I look forward to helping you! 


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