Feeling yuck post mask? Here’s some tips

Feeling yuck post mask? Here’s some tips

Feeling yuck post mask? Here’s some tips

ACHOO! Many of my patients tell me that their allergies are especially rough this year compared to previous springs. And, I’m hearing a lot about summer colds and other ailments. 

While there are environmental reasons for a tougher than usual allergy season, a part of what people are experiencing is because we are all emerging from being inside most of the time and whenever we’ve been around people for the last year and more, we’ve been wearing masks. 

This had made our natural immunity weaken and our susceptibility to contagions more intense. I’ve written about how to deal with allergies the natural way and how to increase your energy in previous blogs, but let’s look at those again in this new context. 


Feed your immune system well 

Ice cream is a delicious treat in the hot summer months, but it’s not the healthiest choice so I recommend you only eat it in moderation. Making sure you have cool, fresh veggies and fruit to snack on is a much healthier option. A healthy immune system depends on proper nutrition to function well. Eating junk will just weaken your immune system. 


Stay active

When you’re sick or dealing with allergies, you don’t feel like getting off the couch. I get it! But staying active will help you get better and help prevent future illnesses. Staying at least somewhat active during the week (even going for a walk) will also help if you are the type who wants to participate in any kind of weekend excursions like hiking or more extreme sports.  


Get rest

Ironically, the way to have more energy when you’re awake is to make sure you get enough sleep. Reduce your caffeine intake and avoid the urge to stay up too late just because it’s summer. Your body needs rest to restore its immune response. 


Stay adjusted

Your spine and nervous system control every other part of your body. A well-adjusted nervous system will be better able to handle contagions and fight off the crud. 

If some of you still feel more comfortable with a mask, we will respect those wishes but I personally am loving seeing my patients’ whole faces again! Need to schedule an adjustment? Or perhaps you want a refresher on healthy eating now that things are getting back to “normal.” I’d love to help you and your family on your journey to health! 


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