5 ways to maximize your NWA outdoor adventures

5 ways to maximize your NWA outdoor adventures

5 ways to maximize your NWA outdoor adventures

One of my favorite things about living in Northwest Arkansas is all the opportunities for outdoor adventures. Like any physical activity, outdoor weekend sports and hobbies can lead to potential injuries but there are ways to prevent that from happening.

My husband and I love outdoor excursions. We loved Yosemite Park! Northwest Arkansas is rich with places to enjoy the outdoors, too.

Preparation for your outdoor excursions is important for the entire family, including the kids!

Here are 5 tips for maximizing your outdoor adventure hobby:

Stay active during the week

If you are a weekend warrior, or even just wanting to spend quality time on the NWA trails with your family during nice weekend weather, it’s important to stay active throughout the week, too. It’s really hard on the body if you are inactive during the week then decide to push it through a tough bike ride or intense hike. You risk both illness and injury if you rely on your weekend excursions to be your sole exercise.

Another advantage of staying fit during the week is that your excursions will be easier to master because your body will be better conditioned. Light to moderate exercise during the week will better prepare you to push limits during the weekend.

Have the proper attire and equipment

Regular tennis shoes or sandals are not going to be ideal for most outdoor activities. Make sure you have well-fitting clothes that allow you to move and stay safe. Even something as simple as the right fitting shoes can prevent a bad fall.

Allow for appropriate recovery

Recovery is vital and that doesn't mean just lying down and not moving the rest of the weekend. Active recovery is the best and should be simple like walking, light stretching or yoga. This type of active recovery will help flush out the lactic acid that builds up during strenuous exercise and it will prevent your muscles from getting too stiff and sore.

Another important part of recovery is making sure your fluids are replenished, even if you think you didn’t sweat much. Flushing your body with water will also help get rid of the lactic acid that builds up during exercise. Large amounts of caffeine or alcohol before, during, and even after an outdoor excursion should be avoided.

Warm up is essential

Get your blood flowing before you take off on your adventure! No matter what kind of exercise you do, it’s never wise to go from “zero to 60” immediately.

A good warm-up is essential because it will help prevent injury and will improve your performance. Stretches, walking around, and light calisthenics will make your experience much better and safer.

Get regular chiropractic adjustments

Regular chiropractic care will ensure the bio-mechanics of your spine and joints are working correctly. This will prevent injury, improve performance, and make the event and the recovery all around more comfortable.

Treat injuries immediately

If you do experience an injury like a fall, call me as soon as possible. Don't wait and think it will get better on its own. Seek out a professional so you don't prolong the injury (or possibly make it worse). Obviously, if you have a more urgent injury like a broken limb or bleeding, those should be addressed immediately.

I love being outside and being an athlete and want to help anyone who wants to enjoy being active be a success. Make an appointment today and we can discuss how chiropractic care can make your outdoor hobbies fun and safe!

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