Enjoying getting back out? Here are some tips to stay safe

Enjoying getting back out? Here are some tips to stay safe

Enjoying getting back out? Here are some tips to stay safe

Between a frigid winter and a year of social distancing requiring many events and activities to be canceled, many people have not been able to get out and enjoy many of their normal activities. It’s warming up and events are coming back so it’s only natural that you’re wanting to get back out to being active again. 

I’m so glad! But it’s important to keep in mind a few safety precautions to make sure you don’t leap back into activity too quickly. 

Here are a few reminders: 

Start slow and work your way up

No matter the reason for not being as active, jumping right back in where you left off is not a good idea. Start slow and work your way back up to how you used to always do your normal activity. Even if you’ve been trying to stay active during the pandemic, don’t expect it to be quite the same. 


Stay hydrated

This is important advice no matter the circumstances! Make sure you are limiting alcohol and caffeine and drinking plenty of water. This is especially true as it heats up this summer! 



Even if you’re headed out for a girl’s weekend of an in-person shopping marathon, you want to make sure your muscles and joints are warmed up properly for the increased activity. 


Wear appropriate clothing

Some of you might  be discovering some of your clothes don’t fit quite as well (no judging!) as they did before the pandemic. If you’re exercising or even just doing an event with your family, make sure you are wearing comfortable and safe clothing that won’t catch. Also, make sure your shoes are still in good condition for whatever your activity! 


Get adjusted 

Keeping your spine and neck well-adjusted with chiropractic care will help you move easier and will help you come out of “hibernation.” Being able to move pain-free is important to prevent injury and to have more fun! 


I’m excited to see clients getting out more and enjoying life. I’d love to help you stay safe and healthy! 


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