Welcome Cassi Mason to Nurture Chiropractic!

Welcome Cassi Mason to Nurture Chiropractic!

Welcome Cassi Mason to Nurture Chiropractic!


I have amazing news to share about the Nurture Chiropractic family! Cassi Mason is joining us in August as a midwife! While I work with many types of clients including families and students, I specialize in prenatal, postnatal, and infant chiropractic care. So it only makes sense to partner with another provider who serves that population! Cassi’s office is where the waiting area used to be and current patients have probably already noticed that Flannery’s receptionist desk is pushed back.

I wanted to let Cassi introduce herself in her own words so we asked a few questions to get the conversation started. Here are her answers! 

Where did you get your training?

I've trained with Lucy Ferguson, another local midwife, for the last 4.5 years. I am CPR and NRP certified. After August 10, I will have my Licensed Lay Midwife (LLM) certification which is by the state. I will be submitting an application for my Certified Professional Midwife immediately after my LLM. Hopefully, by September, I will have both. 


Why do you want to be a midwife? 

I wanted to be a midwife after my own homebirth in 2017 with my daughter. I had my son in 2014 at the birth center in Rogers when it was open. I had such a hard time breastfeeding and felt like nobody helped me even though I asked. I was young and even though the birth was great and my midwife was great, there was still a level of disconnect. I knew what my body was feeling. I had such a hard time nursing that I ended up with postpartum depression really bad. 


With my daughter, it was a totally different experience. I had her at home in our dining room (our house was small) and it was the most intimate and comfortable experience. I felt like everyone listened to me and my body and that I had full autonomy over what was happening. It was very empowering. I also had a much better time nursing with my daughter. My midwife really helped me and checked in on me during my postpartum time and it was great. I felt safe and protected. That drew me into the midwifery model of care and continuity really mattered to me. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to help women to succeed and have autonomy over their bodies.


What drew you to work with Nurture Chiropractic?

I was drawn to Nurture Chiro when I heard about Dr. Jasmine's vision. I am so excited to help close the gap in obstetric care in NWA. Re-teaching women that they do have a say-so over their own care and giving them all the information to make an educated and informed decision.


Tell us about your family? 

I married my very best friend in Jan 2014. He had two girls and within a month of being married, we were expecting our own. Immediately a family of 4 (now 5).


What do you enjoy when you're not at work? 

My husband works at the Teen Challenge Boys Ranch in Morrow, AR. My two other daughters play softball so between births, and sports, and homeschooling the littles, we are very busy! We love camping, hiking, fishing, musicals, and the Christmas popcorn that you can buy in the tins. We also love going to church and being a part of a community of believers as our grounding is in God. 

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