Summer is all about the fruit!

Summer is all about the fruit!

Summer is all about the fruit!

Can you believe the heat we’ve already had? Summer technically just started about a week ago, but it’s felt like summer outside for the last month. Throughout the year, I love sharing some of my favorite seasonal foods, including recipes that are great for most ages. 

In addition to making sure you get quality hydration, enough sleep, and regular adjustments, eating healthy is important to reach your fullest potential in whatever you do. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and, most of all, delicious! 


Summer recipes to me are about the fruit. I love summer fruit! My favorite thing about summer is having a bunch of seasonal fruit cut up and in the fridge for quick and easy snacking. Watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwis, nectarines, and berries are my go-to’s. These are easy to divide up into Ziploc baggies to take to the pool, lake, or any other summer daytime getaway. 


Did you know that you can incorporate fruit into more recipes than just desserts and fruit salad? I love how these recipes incorporate fruit!


Garlic butter scallops with watermelon salsa-this recipe has all the best things about summer. Fresh-grilled seafood and salsa...but not what you’re used to! Watermelon is a delicious ingredient for salsa. This has a bit of kick with the sweetness. 


Peach Salsa Chicken-another fruit-filled salsa that has some amazingly sweet and savory flavors that go well with chicken! 


Blackberry Vanilla French Toast-this dish can be a delicious dessert to share for a date night at home or for a sweet breakfast. The whole-wheat toast adds complex carbs and the pecans add a bit of protein for this otherwise sweet and delectable recipe. 


Greek Pasta Salad-OK, this one is a bit of a stretch to be in a recipe list about summer fruit. Although, did you know that tomato is technically a fruit (I still wouldn’t put it in a fruit salad, though)? That said, this recipe is a light, easy dish to make as a side or a larger portion works with a meal, especially if you add a little bit of chicken or gyro meat. 


What are you doing to stay cool this summer? What are your favorite summer fruits? I would love it if you shared your recipes with me when you come in for an adjustment!


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