Lots of changes to the Nurture Chiropractic office

Lots of changes to the Nurture Chiropractic office

Lots of changes to the Nurture Chiropractic office

It’s now been about a year since moving to my new office on Sunbridge and I’ve loved this location! If you've been in the office recently you have probably noticed we have made a few changes. 

The changes have meant that the entire office space has been rearranged and you’ve probably even noticed more pregnant patients or women with new babies coming in. Don't be alarmed, we are still caring for the whole family in our little office! 


The front entryway is now completely open as our waiting area. This helped improve the traffic flow tremendously. Now when Dr. Jasmine or Cassi is ready to see you it's just a few steps into their rooms. 


The back room is now the reception area with a little extra seating. Flannery now has a lot more room to spread out to take your calls, get you checked out and rescheduled, and to have a great conversation. This also helped prevent traffic from getting stopped directly in front of Dr. Jasmine's office door.


The old waiting room has now been converted into our midwife Cassi's office. This is the space where she sees her clients. As a midwife, Cassi cares for expecting mothers and helps deliver babies into this world. Don’t worry... she won't be delivering any babies in our office. She sees her clients in the office for their prenatal visit. She is also able to draw labs, which is a great resource to have in the office!


Dr. Jasmine’s office is still the same! The same equipment, same services, and the same nurturing care is all still around Whether you are a single man or a young woman with no kids, you are still welcome in our office! I love seeing babies and moms but every person matters and I hope you feel that when you are in our office. 


We would love your feedback on the office changes and how we can make you feel even more at home when coming in!

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