What happens when my baby gets adjusted?

What happens when my baby gets adjusted?

What happens when my baby gets adjusted?

When I say that I treat patients of all ages, I mean it! I love working with prenatal and postnatal moms, as well as their infants. 

It might seem unusual that a tiny baby would need to have chiropractic care, but as I’ve written before, babies can benefit from regular adjustments in several ways. I would recommend that they start getting regular adjustments soon after birth, but here are some signs you should look for that mean they need an exam. 

Infant chiropractic care is easy, pain-free, and completely safe. 

So, what does an infant adjustment look like? First of all, take the idea of “pop and crack” out of your head immediately. All of my adjustments use a gentle, measured approach but it’s even more gentle when it comes to babies. Have you ever been in the grocery store and gave a tomato a slight squeeze to determine its ripeness? Your baby will not experience any pressure stronger than that! 

The reason a baby requires such a soft touch is that its bones are not yet fully developed. In most cases, babies get very chilled out during their adjustment and especially after. This is because the adjustment eases pain and tension in their tiny bodies! Most parents tell me that their babies poop after their adjustment then settle in for a nice nap. 

The way the first visit works is, I will do a full consultation with mom/dad to learn all about the pregnancy and labor and delivery because all of these things play a role in what the baby is experiencing. Extremely long or short births can put a lot of stress on the baby in the birth canal. Also if mom had any illness or was taking any medication during pregnancy this can also put stress on your baby. The history is very important to what we will focus on. 

I will also do a comprehensive exam that looks closely at baby's physical and neurological health. Just like with adults, the symptoms a baby is experiencing is just the surface of what is actually going on. A complete history and exam will help guide me to the true cause of those symptoms. 

The first visit for an infant usually takes about 30 minutes and includes the above and an adjustment. 

Is your baby cranky? Or perhaps you recently gave birth and you want to help your newborn feel better after the birthing experience. Give me a call and I’d love to work with both mom and baby (dads, too!).  


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