Physical signs your infant might need a chiropractor

Physical signs your infant might need a chiropractor

Physical signs your infant might need a chiropractor

We’ve discussed before how infants can benefit from chiropractic care but have you ever considered looking for signs that your baby needs to see a chiropractor to solve an issue?

First of all, keep in mind that even if your birth went beautifully and as planned, it’s still a pretty traumatic experience to have your tiny body expelled from its safe womb where it thrived for nine months! Babies are often born with minor spine issues from day one and getting those issues taken care of can help their development and overall wellness.

But what if you start noticing potential concerns? Let’s discuss a few things to look for (but not panic over).

Basically, symmetry is key. Look for symmetry in the eyes, ears, jaw, and neck muscles. Specifically:

  • Eyes: are they the same size, is one larger or smaller than the other? Are they level?
  • Jaw: look at how your baby is yawning or while they are babbling. Does the jaw open wide and evenly? Do you notice the jaw pulls to one side or the other when your baby opens his or her mouth?
  • Ears: when you look at your baby straight on is one ear higher or lower than the other?
  • Neck: does your baby experience spasms on one side of the neck over the other? This is known as torticollis. Also see if they favor one side or the other when laying flat on their back or in a car seat. This also potentially shows up if your baby favors feeding on one side and gets fussy when you try to feed them on the other side. 

Also, signs that your baby needs or at least could benefit from chiropractic care also include excessive crying, frequent hand clenching, and lots of back arching.

All of the above problems are signs of subluxation that can be caused during and even after birth. Your infant receiving chiropractic care will help promote healthy growth and development and will reduce painful inflammation in your baby.

I treat every member of the family and can do house calls for moms who can’t get out as easily. I’d love to help your entire family live happier, healthier lives through gentle chiropractic care. 

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