Did you know I can do home visits for chiropractic care?

Did you know I can do home visits for chiropractic care?

Did you know I can do home visits for chiropractic care?

When patients come through the front door of my office, I want them to feel instantly at ease. Between the natural aromas, gentle lighting, decorations, and plants, I work to make it feel less like a clinical space and more welcoming.

I also know, however, that sometimes doing an adjustment in the patient’s own home is best, and am pleased to be able to offer that option in specific situations. I love offering home visits, particularly for growing families.

The most common reason I do a home visit is right after baby is born. New parents understand how those first few weeks can be a little hectic and how helpful it is to give mom and the new baby an adjustment at home. It can be very difficult to pack up baby and siblings to get to a doctor's appointment. This is where a home visit can take a lot of stress off of both mom and dad. 

If given notice at the time of scheduling, I’m able to do an adjustment for the entire family. In this blog a few months ago, I talked about how prenatal chiropractic care is important for mom and baby and also talked about how postnatal chiropractic care is important for the entire family!

That leads me to go into a little bit of detail about how home visits work as they are a little bit different than my in-office visits.


Travel guidelines

First, be aware that the home visit traveling fee is $20 in addition to the adjustment fees, which are the cash price as I will not be able to bill insurance. Payment (cash/card/check) is due at the time of service. I will only do home visits for families in which at least one member is a current patient. I won't do them for brand new patients because I would not be able to do the required X-rays and initial exam to determine my treatment plan.  There is a 25-mile limit for home visits (based on 25 miles from my office).



I usually need a couple of days’ notice to schedule this visit so be sure to get with me to set up your appointment. This is especially true if I’m doing more than one adjustment while I’m at your house. I like to give myself plenty of time to get out, get set up, and give plenty of attention to the patients I am seeing. 


The Adjustments

I will bring all of my necessary supplies. I have a portable table I will bring along with any other tools I might need that you usually see in my office. Once I get set up, the visit continues just like it would in my office. If I am seeing baby for the first time, I will do a complete history and evaluation to determine how to best care for him. I will then adjust him. I also love taking care of mom at this time. After having a baby and adapting to life with a newborn she really needs some attention. I will then adjust siblings and dad too as long as they are current patients. When I leave, I’m able to schedule the next appointment just like I would in my office.

Are you a current patient who has had or is about to have a baby? Please consider the value of a home visit. It will save you time and reduce stress for you and the entire family!


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