Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy

Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy

Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy

A woman’s pregnancy, whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, is a beautiful yet often uncomfortable experience.

A healthy diet, appropriate exercise, regular checkups and chiropractic care can all play a role in making the pregnancy and postnatal life, easier and better.


Prenatal chiropractic care

Helping pregnant mothers find optimal health and comfort is one of my favorite things to do in my chiropractic practice. Prenatal chiropractic care is important for better health during the pregnancy but also helps prepare for an easier birthing experience.


Chiropractic care helps create the optimal shape of the pelvic structures to allow for the most room for your baby to grow. Regular adjustments also help keep the rest of the body functioning better and reducing pain by reducing spine inflammation. Quality nerve function also helps the uterus function better when it comes time for birth. Did you know that studies have shown that chiropractic care has shown to reduce labor times? 


I use the Webster Technique, which is what helps align your pelvis to allow for plenty of room for your baby. This technique is specifically designed for pregnant mothers and helps both the mother and baby. You will also be given safe, effective exercises to do at home throughout your pregnancy as part of your prenatal chiropractic treatment.


Postnatal chiropractic care

Most medical information for pregnancy is all about the mom, but regular chiropractic adjustments can help dad, too. There should be a training manual for parents on how to properly care for their own backs with a newborn baby. Getting baby in and out of the car, lifting baby up and down from crib, and breastfeeding or bottle-feeding can all wreak havoc on moms and dads creating pain and discomfort on top of sleep deprivation.


Staying adjusted during this time can help prevent injury. It is also important for moms to take extra care of themselves. It is very easy to put all of the time and attention on baby, but mom needs to have a full tank in order to do this. Coming in and getting an adjustment is a great form of self-care to help mom. Also, just like as a pregnancy progressing changes the mom’s body, life after pregnancy will also be an adjustment as your body goes through changes after birth. Having optimal spine and nerve health will help you go through those changes.


Let me help

As I mentioned already, I love helping moms have a healthy pregnancy and life after the pregnancy. I’m happy to see you in my new Fayetteville office, or I even do house calls because I understand that sometimes you are not able to get ready to get out of the house during pregnancy or even after birth.


Are you pregnant, considering pregnancy or recently given birth? It’s never too late to start taking even better care of yourself. Contact me to discuss how chiropractic care can make a difference.

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