Why post-partum moms need to prioritize chiropractic care

Why post-partum moms need to prioritize chiropractic care

Why post-partum moms need to prioritize chiropractic care

When a woman gives birth, it affects her body, mind, and soul. The days, weeks, and months after that are often joyful because of the new baby, but also stressful and exhausting. 

I work with a lot of different moms who are either wanting their body to feel its best as she prepares for birth, but also a lot of post-partum mothers who want to help their body feel better and heal. I’m excited to also often work with their new babies, as infant chiropractic care is so important! 

It would be easy to put off getting chiropractic care after having a baby, but I can’t urge you enough to make sure to make your own self-care a top priority. Here are a few reasons why: 

Better emotional state

Between all the natural emotions that go along with childbirth, there are also changing hormone balances and lack of sleep to consider when it comes to your emotional state. Chiropractic care can help your body release stress and help it function better so that everything comes back into balance easier. Stress reduction also will help your sleep better. 


Clearer thinking

That brain fog you’re experiencing is very real and is usually caused by a compilation of things, many of which chiropractic care can help. Even the simple ensuring your spine is aligned and no nerves are being agitated will make a huge difference. Also consider how much you’re carrying with you when you leave the house with your baby (this also means that post-partum chiropractic care can help dads, too). 


Human touch

I can’t tell you how many times new moms say they miss human touch that isn’t about taking care of another human being. First, let me reassure you that feeling this way is not selfish and is completely natural! We are all designed to need human touch. My gentle approach will give you the nurturing touch that you need as you nurture another. 



You might be feeling like you can never leave the house for anything else but the grocery store and baby-related appointments. Regular chiropractic care gives you something to look forward to and that is taking care of yourself at the same time. 

I would love to work with you and your baby as you navigate early motherhood, whether this is your first child or your fifth! Please reach out and schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you feel better and make you even more prepared to take care of your baby. 


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