Does your job make you need chiropractic?

Does your job make you need chiropractic?

Does your job make you need chiropractic?

At the end of your workday, or even throughout it, do you find that you are needing to stretch your back or your neck to feel better? Do you find yourself rubbing your neck or back in hopes of easing the tension and pain?

That is a good sign that you need to seek regular chiropractic care. I personally believe that anyone from an infant to a grandparent can benefit from regular adjustments, but some people are at higher risk for inflammation and having their spine out of alignment.

Desk workers

In this blog from a few months ago, I talked about having a healthy work station that supports your spine and neck properly. Even if your workstation is designed for optimal use, you can get neck and shoulder pain from working at a computer screen all day. Stress also increases inflammation that can be reduced by gentle massage and an adjustment.

So, who does this apply to? In this day and age, lots of jobs. Administrative assistants, IT professionals, anyone working in the office side of a medical facility, or remote customer care workers all come to mind immediately. The reality is, many of these workers probably don’t have the most ideal workstation set up so they are craning their neck and turning and bending a lot throughout the day. Not to mention the strain on their “mouse hand”— the hand, wrist, and arm they use to control the mouse. Chiropractic care can improve function and decrease the pain caused by these constant movements.

Active workers

Now, let’s look at a completely different type of worker. Anyone with a highly active job, especially if they are stooping, twisting, and kneeling a lot throughout the day, is going to put a strain on their bodies, just like an athlete. This could include jobs such as landscapers, construction workers, warehouse workers, teachers (especially of young children they may have to lift), medical staff such as nurses and dentists, and auto mechanics. Just like an athlete that puts strain on their body, people in these professions could ease pain and prevent injury by getting regular chiropractic care.

“I don’t have time”

I know that many people in these industries may not feel like they have the time to stop during the day for an adjustment. I would argue that you don’t have time not to. After the initial assessment, regular adjustments take about 15 minutes and I only schedule one patient at a time, so there is rarely if ever a wait. Regular adjustments reduce and prevent pain, improve function, and can help prevent injury. All things that none of us have time for!

Contact me today and let’s get your back and neck back to working at its best.


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