Is your at-home workstation healthy?

Is your at-home workstation healthy?

Is your at-home workstation healthy?

As you and your kids have worked and learned from home the last two months, I’m certain you’ve experienced stress and possibly even some aches and pains. That’s somewhat normal for a stressful situation, but did you know you can take easy steps to lessen the problem?

Millions of American workers and school children have been sheltering in place at home due to COVID-19 and while the school year is winding down, many adults are still working from home. If you haven’t already, you need to make sure that your working and learning spaces are the healthiest possible (and I’m not implying Lysoling everything all day long)!

Here are a few tips to make your at-home workstation healthier and more effective.

Take stretch breaks

Make sure you take regularly scheduled breaks to get up from your workstation and do stretches. This will ease potential aches from sitting in a strange workplace for too long and get your blood flowing better. Better blood flow helps your concentration and overall sense of wellbeing.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated helps you stay alert, promotes better mental acuity, and is generally good for your overall health. Minimize alcohol and caffeine consumption as both tend to dehydrate, not hydrate. Have a hard time getting your kids to drink water? Make it a game or a competition. If you struggle to stay hydrated through the day, do the same for yourself!

Correct desk height

Improper workstations are the number one cause of back and neck pain that I see. No matter your age, you need to have your desk and screen at the appropriate height for your body. I did an Instagram video last year that gives tips on making sure your workstation promotes healthy posture. I know it’s tempting to do work on the couch, but that will lead to strain on your joints and muscles.

Getting adjusted

I’ve had several patients ask to increase their adjustments during this stressful time. Stress, bad posture, and not taking care of your overall health can add strain to your neck and spine. This causes pain and pain increases stress. Help stop this vicious cycle by getting regular adjustments in my office.

I would love to talk to you more about how I can help get you through this stressful time. I offer chiropractic care for the whole family and can discuss new recipes that are healthy and interesting for everyone!


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