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“The greatest benefit so far is the awareness of when I’ve moved in the wrong position. I am now very sensitive to

posture. Dr. Jasmine is very professional and my wife and

myself love this office.”


“Dr. Jasmine tried different adjustments to find the most impactful one that works. I have more focus at work since getting adjusted.

Dr. Jasmine is super nice and patient with all of the

questions I have. I’m very thankful for her!”


“Since beginning care I have experienced overall pain reduction and lasting adjustments. I have more recognition of different pain. I have more awareness and motivation to move.”


“The aches and pains I experienced before have improved. I’m a lot more aware of what my body needs for recovery. My peace of mind is so much better. I am a worrier and my ability to continue fitness is so important to me. I feel confident I can get past this injury and prevent future injury. Even though I have taken a month off from some of the strenuous daily exercise, I am not seeing any difference in my endurance and energy as I return to normal activity!”


“I have returned upper body strength and confidence in my performance and carrying capacity. Lifting and moving is easy and fun again! I am grateful for your help!”


“Since beginning care I am more energetic with better digestion, less stiffness, and I don’t get fatigued as easily/quickly.”


“Less headaches and more comfortable while working and allergies have improved since beginning care!”


“Regular adjustments have given me more flexibility in my neck and I am exercising more because of improved energy.”


“Since beginning care I have less

constant pain and increased movement and energy. I feel more energetic and playful and more responsive in my body.”


“I have less pain—fewer headaches. I seem to be moving better with less pain and uncomfortable moments.”