You have a body, you’re an athlete

You have a body, you’re an athlete

You have a body, you’re an athlete

You may remember years ago, Nike co-founder released the company’s mission statement, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Bill Bowerman created this idea to build a brand that included everyone, professional and non-professional athletes alike. This concept is something I believe in greatly and discuss with my patients almost daily.

Your body was created to move. Whether you are young or old, your lifestyle depends on how well your body works. It could be that you don’t get enough exercise, so your body is tired and not working how it should because there is a lack of movement. Or it could be that you are working your muscles too hard and they need a break.

Your body gets you up out of bed each morning. It gets you to work, to your daily meetings, and then back home to your family. Without the vast system of brains, nervous tissue, bones, ligaments, and muscles your body uses every day, you would just be a blob. These systems cannot function without the movement and blood flow through your body.

Being an athlete

You don’t have to be in the NFL or on the United States Women’s soccer team to be considered an athlete.

Maybe you just love to exercise and working out is how you ensure your body stays healthy and active. You could be a CrossFit Junkie, love hot yoga, or run marathons every other month; the bottom line is, this makes you an athlete. All these activities put demands on your body, just like in any sport, and it is important that you take care of it properly. This includes providing your body the nutrition it needs and recognizing when it needs to rest.

Not wanting to exercise

You may hate exercising, or maybe you cannot exercise due to health or medical reasons. This doesn’t mean you aren’t an athlete!

You may not like to run or do 100 push-ups day, but your body still needs to move to function the way it should and help you maintain good health as you get older. It takes energy for your body to perform at its highest function in order to be a good friend, coworker, employee, spouse, or parent. This energy comes from getting your body moving, letting that oxygen flow through the body and keeping your limbs, well, limber!

When your body is functioning at its best, you can show up better for this world. You feel better, therefore you have more to offer.

So, start treating your body like you are training for your best life possible. With that mindset, you will be an athlete, and can reach your dreams just like anyone else! It takes fuel and energy to live this life, so put the best fuel possible in your body!

Consistent chiropractic care and quality nutrition are both parts of taking care of your body. Reach out today and let me help you keep your body operating how it should!

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