Why every athlete must train

Why every athlete must train

Why every athlete must train

As a CrossFit athlete, I know the thrill that comes with beating personal records and pushing my body to its limits. But I also know that I can’t accomplish what I want to without proper training.

Any athlete must train properly, whether you’re a high school student trying out for the basketball team, or an adult training for your first big run.

Even if you’re a conditioned, seasoned athlete, you must train for the specific form of exercise. For example, a CrossFit athlete’s exercise focuses on functional fitness and they would need to train for long-distance running if they decided to take on even a 5K. The inverse is also true. A marathon runner may be in the best shape possible for that activity, but they should never jump into a power-lifting competition without training first.

Why is training so important?

  • Unique needs-Each activity places unique strains on the body including using different muscle groups and metabolic conditioning methods. You may be an expert at one but would easily get injured if you tried to jump into another strenuous activity without proper conditioning first.

  • Avoiding injury-Proper training of the muscle groups helps prevent injury both during the activity and after, which could happen because you’re straining muscles you don’t normally use.

  • Build endurance-Whether you’re a new athlete or an experienced athlete trying something new, you need to build endurance for the physical strain the activity will put your body through. You will be able to perform better and for longer periods the more you train.

  • Improve skills-There’s a certain skill and technique to any athletic activity, even hiking. Training properly will teach your mind and body to use the appropriate methods and your skills will improve, bettering your performance and overall experience.

What can make your training more effective?

Effective training is more than just practicing your skills and getting your body in shape for the athletic tasks ahead. For your body and mind to perform at its peak, you need to make sure you have enough sleep and proper nutrition that is geared toward your body’s specific needs. You also should be taking care of your overall health, including getting regular chiropractic adjustments.

How can I help?

I would love to talk to you about our shared passion for athletic adventures while helping you have the best spine health possible. We can also discuss your nutritional needs. Anything I can do to help you be the best athlete you can be!

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