Tips for combatting holiday stress

Tips for combatting holiday stress

Tips for combatting holiday stress

Winter weather is upon us here in Northwest Arkansas, which means that the holidays are just around the corner! Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday next week, and even beginning to plan for Christmas. It truly is the best time of the year!

Although the holidays are an exciting time, the stress can really add up. It is important to maintain your mental and physical health throughout this time. Here are some tips to ensure that your holiday season is not ruined by all that extra stress!

Have boundaries

Be okay with saying no. Between holiday parties at work, with family, and even at your child’s school, the stress of everything can build up. It is okay to stay home and rest when you are feeling worn out. Recognize when your body is telling you it’s tired, and skip the party if need be! Remember, saying no to something you don’t truly want or need to do, frees you up to have the energy to say yes to what you love to do!

Schedule time for rest

While you are planning all those parties, pencil in some downtime for yourself (and your family). Block off a couple of hours each week to take time to rest or do something that relaxes you. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

Don’t ditch your healthy habits

It is easy to let our diet and gym time slip during the holidays. Make sure that you are sticking to your healthy habits this season! Whether that be working out, eating healthy, staying hydrated, or even meditating, don’t give it up. These healthy habits will really help combat your extra stress and will help you feel better altogether.

Get adjusted

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments during the holidays will keep your body moving and functioning well, which in turn will help reduce stress. It will also help your immune system stay healthy!

Contact me!

Let me help you make the holidays just as fun and stress-free as they should be! Contact me today and schedule your appointment to get adjusted.

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