Introducing Rosemary Delp

Introducing Rosemary Delp

Introducing Rosemary Delp

Usually, I use my blog space to give information about chiropractic care and tips for healthy living. But today, I wanted to introduce someone who is a big part of making my practice successful.

Rosemary Delp is a senior at the University of Arkansas and is studying Public Health on the Pre-Chiropractic track. She helps me with various office tasks and is always willing to help with what I need her to do. We interviewed her about her job at Nurture Chiropractic and how working with me works into her future plans.

What are your duties?


Primarily, I will be the one checking patients in and out of the office, as well as making sure they're rescheduled for their next visit. I also make sure the office is clean and organized so that patients feel comfortable when they come in for a visit. And while those are great responsibilities, there is also time for me to be creative when I get to help Jasmine develop posts for her social media. This is one of my favorite things to do since I get to use a little bit of creativity to make some social media dreams come to life! I also get to help decorate the office for new seasons and holidays. This may be the best responsibility of them all!

What were you looking for when you applied for this job?

When looking for a job, I wanted something both practical and beneficial for my future. So, what better place to work than at a chiropractic office!

I did some research on local chiropractic offices in Fayetteville and stumbled upon Nurture Chiropractic Company. Once I saw that Jasmine had a heart for serving pregnant women and their babies, I knew I had to reach out since that is the population I hope to work with in the future. After sitting down and talking with Jasmine, I knew that I had found a hidden gem just down the street. Jasmine and I spoke about opportunities that truly excited me and had me hopeful for what was to come next.

What is your favorite part about working here?

My favorite part about working at Nurture is the valuable knowledge I gain from working alongside Jasmine. Since I am on track to attend Chiropractic School, it has been an incredible opportunity to see a more holistic view of what patient care looks like and the inside scoop of running a business. Jasmine has been so incredible about answering any of my questions (chiropractic or otherwise) and making sure I am involved in many day-to-day processes. As well, I have loved interacting with patients and learning more about them with each visit. They have all been so gracious and kind. On behalf of Nurture, they have been such a blessing to work with!

What else would you like patients to know?

While I am originally from Texas, I have loved my time here in Fayetteville. Some of my favorite things to do in NWA are hiking, trying new restaurants whenever I get the chance, and exploring new places like Eureka Springs. Though I will be so incredibly sad to leave Fayetteville in 2021, I am hopeful and excited for wherever I land with chiropractic school. Hopefully, my next town will have beautiful scenery and incredible restaurants, just like NWA!

I love having Rosemary working with me and my patients! Say hi next time you’re in the office while she’s there.

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