How to choose a chiropractor

How to choose a chiropractor

How to choose a chiropractor

Making any decision regarding your health and well-being is important and this can be especially true when choosing the person that you trust to adjust your spine.

Finding the right chiropractor is a multi-step process that is necessary to make sure you and the provider are a good fit to meet your healthcare needs. Chiropractic is a rapidly growing field in Northwest Arkansas, and I want each of my patients to feel confident in their decision to choose me as their provider. That’s why I’m careful to describe my techniques and methodologies from the very beginning.

Here are a few suggestions for what to keep in mind during your search.

Get recommendations and check reviews

This is the first step in finding a chiropractor. Ask friends or family in your area who they personally have seen for chiropractic care. Look at reviews and see what others in your community are saying. This should at least help you start narrowing down which chiropractors you want to research further.

Do Research

Take your list of possible providers and research their websites. Do they specialize in what you’re needing (such as prenatal or sports chiropractic care)? Also find out if they take your insurance and if not, what kind of payment options do they offer?

A second part of the research is learning about the different chiropractic methods. Do the various providers discuss their techniques? If you have seen a chiropractor before, find out what technique they used and if that worked for you, look for a chiropractor that follows a similar philosophy.

For example, I primarily use the Gonstead Method with my patients and I have a growing number of clients who choose me initially because of that fact.

Meet with the chiropractor

Finally, actually meet with the chiropractor you are most interested in working with on your healthcare. How do they treat you? Are your personalities compatible? Most important, are they willing to answer your questions thoroughly and in a way that you understand? Personality, compatibility, and communication skills are important because you will need to trust this person and be willing to follow their instructions if you want successful treatment.

Would love to help you!

I know you have options throughout Northwest Arkansas for chiropractic care. My patients tell me that they see me as not only their chiropractor, but also their advocate. I believe in gentle adjustments that are done based on instrument readings and X-Rays that tell me what’s really going on with your spine. I’d love to talk with you more about how we can work together to get you on your path to a healthier, happier you.

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