Good health is about taking charge, not luck

Good health is about taking charge, not luck

Good health is about taking charge, not luck

March is here and with that comes leprechauns and the luck of the Irish. Do you believe good health only comes to the lucky ones? The decisions we make daily will either contribute to or take away from our health. It is important to do something today, and every day, that will add to your health. Here are some tips on how to take your health into your own hands.

Quality Sleep

Sleep is vital because it gives every cell in your body a chance to recharge. Without proper rest, your body is essentially running on fumes, and over time this will wear down those systems that are required for your body and muscles to function correctly.

Aim to get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. It is important to not under or oversleep, as both will cause the body to be tired.

Healthy Eating

I heard a saying this week that I loved, it was "JERF it, don't junk it." JERF stands for just eat real food. To keep in good health, it is crucial for your body to get the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Avoiding junk food such as sweets, fast food, soda. Eating fruits, vegetables, and foods packed with vitamins will change the way your body functions. Junk foods make you sluggish and foggy while healthy foods keep your body charged and your immune system in better shape.


Getting up and moving most days of the week is a great way to keep yourself healthy. Exercise is excellent for all systems in your body, but it can also be great for your brain.

If anxiety and depression is something that is keeping you from being your happiest and healthiest self, a consistent exercise routine will quiet your mind and drain tension from your body. Exercising releases endorphins that send happy signals throughout your entire body.


As always, regular visits to the chiropractor can be a game-changer in staying healthy. To do day-to-day activities your body must be in good shape, so you don’t have headaches, back/neck pain, joint pain, etc. Regular adjustments can help keep all those systems of your body working properly.

So, don’t rely on luck this season, take charge and take your health into your own hands! Call me today and let me help you stay happy and healthy.

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