Don’t let decorating for Christmas ruin your holiday

Don’t let decorating for Christmas ruin your holiday

Don’t let decorating for Christmas ruin your holiday

Christmas is only three weeks away, meaning you are more than likely decorating, wrapping presents, and preparing for all the fun the holidays bring! These times spent with family and friends are exciting, but it is important to practice safety while doing them.

Getting injured could put a big damper on the holiday fun, so we put together some decorating safety tips to ensure nothing ruins your Christmas joy.

Safety tips for while you are decorating or wrapping presents


Use proper techniques

Proper bending and lifting techniques are a must, especially when lifting heavy objects, such as a Christmas tree. Hinge at the hips and lower down with your legs, then use your legs to lift back up. Try to avoid twisting and turning while lifting, as you could pull or strain something.

You should also be mindful when pulling boxes out of tight spaces like an attic. Plant your feet firmly and activate your core while moving objects.

Practice good posture

Avoid sitting in awkward positions for long periods of time. You may be wrapping presents or assembling the tree, but while doing this make sure you are maintaining good posture to protect your back.

Ask for help!

If you are struggling to lift an object or think it will be too heavy, call someone for help. This could be an employee at a store to help you get a box into your car, or simply asking someone with a longer reach to grab an item on the top shelf. No decoration is worth injuring yourself!

Stay hydrated

Whether you will be decorating all day or out on your feet shopping, staying hydrated is an important part of avoiding injury. Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day and giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy!

Keep adjusted

A healthy spine will help you prevent injury. The holiday season is incredibly busy, especially this year with there being less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Keep up your chiropractic adjustment schedule. If you do get injured, contact me right away to get in for and adjustment.

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