Could chiropractic care be good for your relationship?

Could chiropractic care be good for your relationship?

Could chiropractic care be good for your relationship?

When people don’t feel well, even it’s just feeling a bit “off,”  it’s easy to become a little cranky, especially around our loved ones. Irritability from even just one partner can cause tension in the relationship, as any of us who have a spouse or domestic partner can agree! 

What if both partners aren’t feeling their best? That creates even more potential tension and that has a negative effect on their home. Let me propose this idea to you: 

Couples who get adjusted together feel better together.

I have a growing number of patients who, after seeing how much better they feel after getting regular adjustments, convince their spouse to come in. These couples (and even sometimes the kids become patients!) report back to me that they discover they are nicer to each other and their relationship improves simply because chiropractic care helps them feel better. 

Let me use one couple as an example (with their permission). The wife started seeing me more than a year ago and continues to have weekly appointments to help manage chronic health conditions. Her husband later came in with some stiff neck pain and I was able to help. He’s been back several times for adjustments when dealing with inflammation or nerve pain. Once his overtime work schedule allows, he hopes to come in more frequently for preventative care. 

Both patients agree that chiropractic care helps them feel better and it shows up in their home life when they are not struggling with pain! 

As I talk about many times on this blog, the spine affects the entire body. So, even if you’re not experiencing pain, chiropractic care can help. A healthy spine affects the overall body performance which can enhance sexual intimacy, improve the immune system, allow for better sleep, and help emotions stay in balance. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, what better way to celebrate your relationship by starting to feel better together? I have a flexible schedule that can allow a couple to come in together for back-to-back adjustments, or you can schedule individual sessions. 

I would love to help make your home life and relationship even better with chiropractic care!


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