My favorite resources for staying sane while being cooped up

My favorite resources for staying sane while being cooped up

My favorite resources for staying sane while being cooped up

The last weeks and months have been a source of frustration for us all as we’ve had more time at home than usual because of the pandemic. Even as some restrictions are lifting, I know many who are choosing to stay at home a bit longer until they feel safe going out and about again.

Whether you’re an essential worker like me or you’re furloughed at home, I’m sure you’ve had to fight the doldrums and boredom. As we continue through this crisis, I wanted to share some of my go-to resources for staying sane.


I love to read and the library is one of my favorite places to visit. I usually check out books every two weeks. The physical location may be closed, but they still have plenty of resources you can use. Through Springdale Public Library you can use Hoopla which is an app you can download. You can check out audiobooks, e-books, music, and movies. I encourage you to discover what online resources and adventures your local library holds!

Connecting with friends

Even though we can't see our friends and family, thank goodness for technology. Zoom is a great way to connect with multiple people and chat in real-time. You can also play games this way! My friends and I used JackBox games which are made for playing with friends who are far away. Marco Polo is another of my favorite apps to connect with others. It is like a video walkie-talkie. You record a video message and your friends can watch it at their convenience and then respond with another video. There are no limits on the time of each video so you can chat away. 

Working out

Just because we are stuck at home doesn't mean we don't still need our exercise. There are plenty of different styles of workouts available to you. YouTube is always a great place to start. Here are some of my faves: offers free high definition yoga classes. If you are looking for a more intense workout check out my personal trainer and friend on Instagram @jansenbuiltllc he posts a workout every day with instructions on each of the movements. Also, keep in mind that if you follow social distancing guidelines, you can still take a nice walk around your neighborhood!

Be Creative

Do a puzzle, take a walk, do some baking, craft, dance, and use your creativity! This is a great time to rediscover some hobbies because you have the time. Try some of these things out in between binge-watching your newest favorite show!


What other ideas do you have for staying sane while shut-in at home? I’d love to hear!

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