How chiropractic can help with fibromyalgia

How chiropractic can help with fibromyalgia

How chiropractic can help with fibromyalgia

Do you live with the frustrating and painful disorder fibromyalgia? It’s an illness that causes a lot of pain and emotional strain on everyone who lives with it. There is no cure but I’m sure you’ve researched many different remedies to manage the symptoms. 

Today, I want to share how chiropractic care can make a difference in your fight against fibro. 

Fibromyalgia is believed to have origins in the central nervous system, which, as you know, controls the entire body. When you get adjusted, that relieves the inflammation and stress on your nerves that are flaring either from compression or the autoimmune response in your body. 

Having a healthy nervous system through chiropractic care will have several probable effects.

First, a healthy nervous system helps keep the overall body healthier. It affects your immune system and whenever someone has autoimmune issues or other chronic conditions, doing what you can to keep the rest of your body as healthy as possible will make it easier to fight the chronic situation. 

I’ve also seen how flares can be less severe and resolved more quickly when the person is receiving chiropractic care. Again, I know that’s not a cure, but it can make life less painful and more manageable. 

Finally, having your spine and nervous system in better working order will help you be able to better discern what kind of pain you’re having. Being able to distinguish between different kinds of pain can help you manage your symptoms and determine the best treatment in the moment. 

I have a growing number of patients who live with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and similar pain and inflammation disorders of the body. They tell me that their regular adjustments help them manage their symptoms better and even relieve some of the symptoms. 

Living with chronic pain is something I don’t wish on anyone. I would love to help you find solutions. My gentle approach to chiropractic care also makes it easier to tolerate the adjustments. 

Give me a call or set an appointment on my website so we can talk about getting you to a less pain-filled life.


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