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A message from Dr. Jasmine Thompson

Welcome to Nurture Chiropractic Company! People ask me why I decided to go into this field. It was my
own improved health and performance through alternative medicine that led me to pursue a career
focused on improving the overall wellness of others.

As a woman, an athlete, and avid outdoor enthusiast, I know first-hand how important it is for our
bodies to feel the best so we can be at our best. This is true no matter who you are! When each patient
comes to me, be it a woman adjusting to her first pregnancy, an athlete seeking top performance, or an
adult experiencing pain they would like to be free from, my goal is always to help you achieve your
wellness goals.

I work as your advocate, not just a doctor that prescribes goals I think you should reach. We look at your
wellness goals and I use my training and experience to help you achieve those goals. I am an
encouraging advocate for overall wellness.

My husband and I moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2018, which is when I opened Nurture Chiropractic
Company. I grew up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and earned my bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from
Northeastern State University. My husband and I moved to California because of his military service.
That’s where I decided to pursue becoming a chiropractor after seeing how much it helped me and my

I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences. I chose to focus
most of my methods on a technique created by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, which uses a very specific
analysis of the spine to determine exactly which adjustments each person needs. This allows me to be
the most effective without frequent, painful adjustments.

Now that we are living in Fayetteville, I love helping fellow Northwest Arkansas residents find hope and
wellness through chiropractic care!